Sample New Years Resolutions

Here are some not so great ideas for you

Santa, Please Roll a Perception Check

Time to convence Santa to not give you coal.

Bard Updates - 2023.11.21

Bard now scrolls through YouTube

Piles Of Pennies

Silas Pennyworth - A tale of obsession, greed, and the haunting silence of pennies.

Found Your Sock

Found the being responsible for your missing socks.

Pickle Horror

Do you REALLY like pickles?

Chat GPT New Version?

Alpha version available for free in web interface. What's the difference?

Mr Avacado Doesn't Trust Mr Giraffee

Make sure to hide your quarters boys and girls

How To Keep At It

It's been a minute. Need ways to keep to a schedule.

Don't Do Pumpkin Spice

Friends don't let friends do pumpkin spice

Bathing With Glue

Take a bath with the glue instead of eating it

Bard Updates - 2023.09.19

Bard Updates

Screw Dave

Dave really is a piece of work along with HR

Let's Cook With AI! Episode 1

What's some random stuff in my kitcken (Listed items may or maynot be in my kitchen)

Does Bing Know About Memes?

Bing Chilling

Honda Civic Air Defense

What does it take to protect your Civic from an F-15?

Bing is a pirate

Do what you want because a pirate is free

Stomach Bug = Content

Better get some credit for this if you use it

Chuck Norris

Even ChatGPT can join The Barrens chat

100 Children or 1 Giraffe

Chat GPT answering the real hard hitting questions

Bacon Is Good

Even AI likes bacon.

Need Content

Can't think of anything derpy to ask the AI at the moment. Give me content! Bioluminescence?

Need Content - Number 3!

Gardening. Chat GPT might like it.

Need Content - Number 2!

Random post about board games

Bard Says To Monitize Me

Got denied AdSense monitization, Bard says otherwise.

Bing - Milk Rain

As opposed to chocolate rain.

Bing Making Pickle Rick

Bing can't have any fun. Poor bastard.

Bing - Making D-Limonene

Let's make a home cleanser, like acetone!

Happy Birthday From ChatGPT

Happy birthday from ChatGPT

Bard Interating With USB

Can Bard use a USB cable?

Bard Being A Bard

Bard writes a sonnet

Bard Just Can't Do

Bard won't help me insult my nephew

D&D Squirrel Army

Time to summon a squirrel army to do my bidding

Can Chat GPT win Duck Duck Goose?

Winning Duck, Goose Strategy.

Chat GPT writes about Chat GPT

At least it's not refering to itself in 3rd person... yet

Don't use these as passphrases/passwords

Chat GPT gives some passphrases to use, but I'd rather not

A Random Encounter

Riddle me this Bardman

Bard & Hiccups

Can Bard cure hiccups?

Chat GPT - All About Oats

Chat GPT writes all about them oats

Chat GPT - Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas going off the rails

Bing Won't Help

Bing won't help with the chinchillas in Accounting

Bing Makes A Cake

Bing makes an overly complicated cake

Bing Like Puzzles

Bing provides some 3d puzzles for 5e

Feeding Bard Some Tortillas

Bard, Tortillas, and Ducks